100% Zufriedenheit
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100% Zufriedenheit

Our consultants are used in the project management of offshore wind farm projects. You are confronted with all aspects of offshore projects: regulatory, company and project-related requirements, cooperation with and dependence on contractors. Then there are the many technical, scheduling and coordinative challenges - both in project development and in project management.

We have carried out a large number of projects as part of the new developments A380 and A350, which relate to change management, configuration management, PMO support or the optimization and implementation of processes and methods for interface management. In the transition phase from development to series production, we qualified a number of suppliers to be able to successfully cope with the ramp-up in production and thereby meet the customer's requirements.

For Bertrandt we have developed a client / server application in the aviation environment with which product architectures can be optimized in the early development phase. In particular, emphasis was placed on realistically depicting electrical system interfaces.

For the Emscher Cooperative, we are the safety and health protection coordinators in accordance with the construction site ordinance for the Emscher sewer construction project. For construction section 30 of the Emscher sewer between Bottrop and Dortmund-Deusen, we have been commissioned to monitor the construction phase. As part of regular construction meetings and inspections, the prerequisites for the safe laying of reinforced concrete pipes in civil engineering were ensured.

As part of a consulting contract by Senvion Management, we provided support in ensuring component production and procurement as well as the planning, preparation and implementation of an offshore wind farm installation in project management

In cooperation with a larger management consultancy, we supported the preparation of a major SAP migration that involved changes to the interfaces to MES systems in many plants.

A project at Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG aimed to create a market data-based platform on which product development decisions can be made.

In close cooperation with DWT, we have developed the structures and contents of an operating manual for an offshore wind farm.

Together with the UKE Dental Clinic, we have developed and introduced a mobile app that helps impart dental knowledge in a playful way in a variety of languages. The aim is to communicate the topic of oral hygiene in cooperation with dental practices.

We designed, developed and implemented a document management system for two multi-year construction projects. The underlying methodology makes it possible to efficiently manage the project documents and drawings of all parties involved in the construction in Urenco's own network.