Terms and Conditions

Scope and applicability

These Terms and Conditions apply to all interactions and contracts regarding services and developments of anyproject GmbH being realized between the partners or customers and anyproject GmbH unless mandatory legal provisions or additional written agreements between the partners or customers and anyproject GmbH define something different. They are part of contracts related to services and developments in context with PM, process, method and tool-consulting and are valid as soon a contract is signed. The possible cancellation or invalidation of certain parts of the anyproject GmbH general terms and conditions shell not affect the validity of the other terms and conditions. In case of cancellation or invalidation of certain parts of the anyproject GmbH general terms and conditions the cooperating parties shell replace the ineffective ones by new provisions targeting to comply to the meaning of the cancelled ones and respecting the purpose and agreements of the existing contract as close as possible.


The payment period is normally 21 days after receiving of the invoice from the invoice date and is mentioned on the invoice. Exceeding the payment dates will be without special warning followed by applying interest of default of 10 percent. In addition, overdue fines may be charged. The goods and services remain in the possession of anyproject GmbH until the settlement of complete payments.

anyproject GmbH liability

anyproject GmbH guarantees that it will comply with its obligations applying its members expertise, accuracy and carefulness. In the event that the partner or customer thinks that anyproject GmbH has failed to fulfil obligations, the partner or customer notifies anyproject GmbH immediately and gives it the opportunity to rework. The liability for intentional or not
wantonly negligent caused damage by anyproject GmbH is excluded. anyproject GmbH also excludes any liability for data losses and subsequent damages. anyproject GmbH is not liable for damage caused by force majeure, including in particular natural events, fire, strike, war and official orders. anyproject GmbH is also not liable for damage caused to improper or unlawful use of its services and products by customers and partners

Liability of the partners

The partner shall have sole responsibility and liability for the sales of services and products of anyproject GmbH. Thus, in this context, no third-party claims are submitted and the partner keeps anyproject GmbH uninvolved of any claims by third parties. anyproject GmbH is in no obligation to examine offer contents from partners and disclaims any liability for their contents.

Obligations by anyproject GmbH

anyproject GmbH guarantees that its services and products comply with the characteristics being described in the contractual documents and that work is carefully executed.
anyproject GmbH commits to involve qualified personnel and/or qualified third parties.


The parties agree to keep confidential all types of technical and business information, which are treated in context with the fulfilment of a contract, and not to disclose or in any other way communicate information to a third.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For all legal relationships between the partners and anyproject GmbH is Hamburg as exclusive jurisdiction agreed, unless mandatory legal provisions define something else. German law is to be applied.