forming a unity; self-contained, applicable to all in the same way; indiscriminately



[large] planned or already started undertaking; [large-scale] venture

Com·pli·ance / Trans·pa·ren·cy

[kəmˈplaiəns] / [trænsˈpærən(t)si]

behavior taking into consideration legal requirements as well as requirements arising from planning



People or institutions who pursue a joint goal

De·cen·tra·lized & in·te·gra·ted

[ˌdi:ˈsentrəlaizd] & [int​ɛgret​ɛd]

Distributed in different places or places; composed of many individual elements

Systematic expertise

A successful project requires experienced specialists and good project management.
We offer both.
Systemic support is also required so that a complex project can be completed with excellent results in every respect.
We have specialized in this.


Our competence and experience lies in the support of project and project organization-related topics. Our many years of experience include the processing of time and cost critical, spatially distributed or structurally complex tasks. Whether we accompany you through all phases of project management or have to resolve a critical situation in the course of a task force - we feel particularly comfortable in a multi-layered and international stakeholder environment.


We support our customers in the implementation of their digitization strategy with regard to PM, engineering, manufacturing or construction site processes. Whether, for example, cooperation or coordination platforms or systems for interface management or for construction site control or monitoring - we accompany you through to successful implementation in your team so that the entire life cycle of your products is digitally mapped and made usable.


Together with our specialist partners, we work towards your goals with bundled competencies. In this way we ensure efficient processing and support. We achieve transparent processing of locally distributed projects through the use of our ProcessRemote framework to manage plannable processes coupled with deviation processes and to ensure a smooth flow of information between the project locations.

Competent consultancy and project management

Together with you, we determine optimization potential and coordinate how your requirements should be implemented.

On-site support

Together with our partners, we ensure on site that your defined goals are implemented as required.

Who trusts in us?

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